Pastor Timothy L. Dortch

Subject: “Trust God For Victory In Advance”

Primary Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 20:1-9

Sermon Notes and Nuggets

  • Psalm 20 –> it is called a psalm of David to the chief musician.
    • This psalm is different than the others because it is not just the voice of David, but also the voice of a multitude praying to God on behalf of the king of Israel as he is about to go through battle.
      • Psalm 8 –> difference between LORD and Lord.
  • They (Israel) needed to appeal to the LORD (Yaweh –> the covenant name of God) on behalf of the king.
    • Jacob –> one of Israel’s patriarchs.
  • “Send help from the sanctuary” = a reminder/reference to the tabernacle.
    • The tabernacle is mobile.
      • This was the center of Israel’s worship; significant to relationship.
  • “Zion” is a reference to Jerusalem.
  • If God tell you that it’s already done, then that is an answer and that’s help.
    • Earthly help without spiritual help is not much help at all.
  • Offering –> it was customary for them to offer sacrifices on the eve of battle or war.
    • It was David’s prayer that God would not only see the sacrifices, but receive the sacrifices.
      • Do it in the right spirit and the way that God said do it.
    • “Minchah” offering = gratitude offering.
    • “Olah” offering = burnt offering –> bloody sacrifice; blood was spilt on the altar and the flesh of the sacrifice was consumed.
  • Heart’s desire = something you have been longing for.
    • David had one desire, which was to defend the people of God and defend the kingdom.
    • We are ambassadors of the kingdom of God.
    • When our desires are in line with God’s will and plan for our lives, you can pray this prayer in confidence.
  • David’s purpose was victory for the people of God.
  • God’s plan for us becomes our purpose; we have to see how we fit into God’s plan/purpose… not the other way around.
  • The raising of banners signifies God’s victory over the enemy.
    • They are tokens of victory.
    • They (Israel) did this before the victory or battle was even won.
  • If you are going to lead God’s people, you need the oil of the Holy Ghost.
  • Save = victorious.
    • God is going to save His anointed.
    • If He called you to this work, He will give you victory in this work.

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