Pastor Timothy Dortch

Subject: “March Fo(u)rth”

Primary Scripture Reference: Exodus 14:15-16

Sermon Notes/Nuggets

  • When we cry out to God sometimes it is through prayer.
    • Prayer is communication with God.
    • Moses cried out to God.
  • Hold your peace = stay calm. The Lord is going to fight for you.
  • There is a time to pray and there’s a time to act.
    • We fear the unknown.
    • Go forth and pray on the way.
      • Sometimes we are praying for the answer and God has already given us the answer.
  • God is going to use what you already have.
    • Exodus 4:1-4
    • Some of the things we are desiring are right in the house.
    • Exodus 14:17-18
      • God is going to use your actions as answers.
    • Exodus 5:1-2
    • We are in a season where the Lord is going to make the enemy eat his words.
    • The way you prosper is to do everything that the enemy said you would not do.
    • Exodus 14:19-20
      • Once you have been delivered don’t go back.
    • Exodus 14:21
      • God may use what is in your house or in your hand, but it is the LORD that is going to cause things to happen.
    • Exodus 14:24
      • During the morning watch it was still dark outside.
      • The Lord caused confusion to fall on the Egyptians.
      • God is God of timing.
    • Exodus 14:25
      • God is going to make it hard for your enemies.
      • It’s possible to realize something too late.
    • Exodus 14:26-28
      • The victory was total.
      • They may have had some trouble ahead of them, but this set of enemies would trouble them no more.
      • God has a track record.

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