Pastor Timothy Dortch

Subject: “How To Function By Faith”

Primary Scripture Reference: Joshua 6:1-5

Sermon Notes/Nuggets

  • We are on our way to realizing the promises of God (moving toward it).
  • Jericho –> symbolic of barriers.
    • Barrier = a fence or obstacle that prevents movement or access.
    • Wander = move with no purpose.
    • Obstacle = anything that blocks your way, prevents or hinder progress.
      • a hurtle, stumbling block, hinderance.
      • Jericho was an obstacle to the children of Israel.
  • We function by faith.
    • View your obstacles as opportunities for God to prove himself.
    • See it differently … Think differently in this season.
  • God is looking for a people that want Him to do something so they will know who He is.
    • He is looking for loyal people; He wants to show His strength on our behalf.
  • If you are going to possess it, then you are going to have to dispossess something else.
  • Joshua 2:9
  • Jericho was on “lockdown” because of Israel. Nobody could go in and nobody could go out.
  • Just as you are preparing to get what God has promised you, somebody is trying to keep you from getting it.
  • The walls of Jericho were double-wall; hard to get in.
  • The Lord said He had already given them Jericho, the king, and the mighty men of valor.
    • The battle is already over according to God’s perspective.
    • God has an aerial view.
    • God has already given you what He promised.
  • If Israel could defeat Jericho (known as a fortress), then they can face anything else that would come before them.
  • The worse is already over… It gets better.
  • They marched around Jericho once a day for 6 days (6 times total) which required total dependence on God on every level (because it didn’t make sense). On the seventh day they marched around the city 7 times.
  • Joshua had to have the faith, as well as the people because the plan included them.
  • It was another level of warfare, using a different method of warfare.
    • Israel worked in partnership with God.
    • 1 Corinthians 3:9 –> We are co-laborers (we work with Him, He works with us).
  • How to function by faith:
    1. Find out what God’s plan in (Verse 2).
    2. Obey that plan… Act on it (Verse 8-14).
    3. Take one day at a time (Verse 12-15).
    4. Thank Him in advance (Verse 16).
      • Faith is getting ready to become sight.
  • Romans 4:20
  • Faith is what brought the walls of Jericho down.

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