Pastor Timothy L. Dortch

Subject: “Don’t Forget Who You Are”

Primary Scripture Reference: John 1:19-27

Sermon Notes/Nuggets

  • Sanhedrin = highest court in the land.
    • modern day equivalent of the Supreme Court.
  • The priest and Levites were sent to ask John who he was.
  • We are living in a time where people want attention.
  • John speaks with humility. His job was to point to the Messiah.
  • We are not the source of the Light, but we are the reflect that Light which is Christ.
  • Malachi 4:5
  • Deuteronomy 18:15
  • John avoided the conversation of them asking “who He was.”
  • John knew his assignment; he was the voice crying in the wilderness.
  • Isaiah 40:3
  • He knew what is purpose was, but the focus still remained on Jesus (The Messiah).
  • Luke 3:15
    • The people were expecting the Messiah to come.
  • The focus was not who he was, but rather why he came.
  • Jesus was the Word, but John was the voice.
    • A voice can be heard and not seen. We are NOT the focus.
  • Baptizing: only those given delegated authority could do this, which is why they questioned him.
  • He that was coming after John, is preferred before John.
  • You are who and what God says you are by the grace of God.
  • Luke 7:28
  • The only way to truly know who are is to know who He is!