Pastor Timothy L. Dortch

Subject: “God or Mammon: Which Will You Serve?”

Primary Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 6:24

Sermon Notes and Nuggets

  • Jesus said nobody can serve two (2) masters.
    • God and Mammon
    • In reference to a slave relationship that existed in biblical times –> no slave could serve two masters; their loyalty could only be to one.
      • To think you can serve to master is to be deceived.
      • Israel struggled with worshipping God and idol gods (Baal).
      • This was the idea that Jesus was referring to.
  • Mammon –> there are different origins of where the name “mammon” comes from.
    • Mammon is materialism or wealth personified.
    • It may appear the money can do the same thing that God can, but it cannot.
    • Even in the absence of money, God can provide.
    • Mammon represents material things that we have now and which we desire to have to be used for the kingdom or an idol or idols.
    • For some people wealth/money become their god.
    • Don’t let money dictate you or control whether you are up or down.
    • Money or the lack thereof has the potential to determine whether you are happy or sad.
  • Hating one and despising the other:
    • Deals with the heart.
    • Serve = worship (The Message Bible).
    • Worship is a matter of the heart.
      • Matthew 15:8
      • Matthew 6:21
        • That on which your wishes, desires, and your life is centered.
        • Money should not be where your life is centered.
    • It is easy to say you love God, and your heart say different.
    • You must love God more than money.
    • You will sacrifice for the one you love, worship, and serve.
  • You don’t have to be rich to serve mammon.
  • If you are not humble before the Lord bless you, then it will corrupt you.
  • Luke 12:15
    • Life is not measured by what you have.
    • Do not trust in uncertain riches.

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