Pastor Timothy L. Dortch

Subject: “If He Did It Before, He Can Do It Again”

Primary Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 14:13-21; Matthew 15:32-38

Sermon Notes and Nuggets

  • Understand…that He (God) can do what He did then, now.
  • Verse 13 of Matthew 14:
    • “When Jesus heard” = when Jesus heard about the death of John the Baptist (he was beheaded).
      • Jesus withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place.
  • There are times when people are need, that we send them away when we can actually aid in supplying the need.
    • Sometimes we have what they need.
  • Jesus will sometimes ask you a question to see where your heart is.
  • The feeding of the 5,000 plus:
    • They had something to offer.
    • 5 Barley loaves and 2 fish.
      • God will use what you have (it matters not how much or less you have).
      • Faith does not deny what exists, but it does say it doesn’t have to stay that way.
        • (Example: Elisha and the widow’s oil).
      • Little becomes much when you place it in the master’s hand.
      • He will sit or lay you down in green pastures.
      • The disciples received it (the 5 loaves and 2 fish) from the lad, and they gave it to Jesus. Jesus blessed it, broke it, and gave it back to the disciples and they gave it to the multitude.
    • They all ate and were satisfied.
    • When you put it in His hands, He’ll bless it, and give it to you to meet your need and then still have an overflow of what is left.
    • 5,000 men, not including women and children, were fed with the 2 fish and 5 loaves.
  • God has provided supernaturally for us at some point in time.
  • The feeding of the 4,000:
    • 7 loaves and a few little fish.
    • Jesus did the same thing He did with the 2 fish and 5 loaves.
    • There were fragments left over.
    • 4,000 men (besides women and children).
  • God’s math is not like ours.
    • When things are not adding up in the natural, God can put an “unseen” variable in the equation.
    • Trust God.

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