Pastor Timothy Dortch

Subject: “A Greater Glimpse of God’s Glory”

Primary Scripture Reference: 2 Chronicles 7:1-3

Sermon Notes/Nuggets

  • The Lord has revealed that we are in a season (in this house) where we will see a greater level of worship.
  • There is a greater level of expectation for the manifestation of God’s glory in this house.
  • Take some time to go back and read what Solomon prayed for in Chapter 6 of 2 Chronicles.
  • Ordinarily, a person would ignite the fire under a sacrifice. In the case of our text, God ignited the sacrifice with fire from heaven.
    • He did it with the purpose of it continuing.
    • God has purifying power.
  • We are not holy because we say we are holy, but it is because of the Holy Ghost.
  • The fire from heaven came down after Solomon prayed.
    • Pray until the fire falls; until something happens.
  • God manifested His presence… that is the glory.
    • Manifested means made obvious, clear, plain, apparent, evident, visible, and recognizable.
    • Sometimes His presence is visible (Spirit visible).
  • Normally with Israel, He manifested His presence in the form of a cloud.
    • Revealed and concealed God’s glory.
      • Revealed = made known to others.
      • Concealed = hidden. The human eye cannot handle the pure essence of God’s glory.
  • Exodus 33 & 34
  • A building without God’s glory is just a place to meet with one another. But a building with God’s glory is a place to meet with God.
  • The children of Israel saw the fire.
  • Worship and praise is the appropriate response to the manifest presence of God.
  • It would appear that the fire would make Israel more aware of the power and judgement of God.
  • This whole demonstration made them more aware of the goodness and mercy of the Lord.
  • Romans 2:4
  • Romans 12:1

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