Pastor Timothy L. Dortch

Subject: “Make Good or Make Room”

Primary Scripture Reference: Luke 13:6-9

Sermon Notes/Nuggets

  • After the warning Jesus gives His audience in verse 3 of Luke 13, Jesus spoke a parable that illustrates 3 principles of God’s judgement.
    1. God looks for fruit.
      • A fruitful tree (in the Old Testament) was often used as a symbol of godly living.
      • Psalm 1
      • Jeremiah 17:7-8
      • Matthew 7:16-20
      • If you want to know what kind of tree it is, look at its fruit.
      • The fruit of our lives reveals what kind of person/tree you are.
      • What kind of fruit is God looking for?
    2. God is patient in judgement.
      • Cumbereth (verse 7) = just using up the ground/taking up space.
      • The tree in the parable was given special care.
      • God can take waste and use it fertilizer.
        • God says… What you thought was waste, I can use to make you grow.
      • No root, no fruit. If there is a fruit problem, mostly likely there is a root problem.
      • God will help us in producing fruit, if we will just endure the manure.
      • God has been showing some of us special care and we have been enjoying it, but we don’t want to give Him anything.
    3. God is just in His judgement.
      • God looked for fruit for 3 years, and then gave it another chance.
      • If the tree bears fruit… well. If the tree does not bear fruit, cut it down.
      • Matthew 3:8-10
      • Mark 11:12-13
  • God is not going to continue to allow a lack of productivity.
    • Stay connected to the vine.
    • Either produce good fruit, or make room for someone else.
    • John 15:1-6
      • The only way you can bear fruit is if you abide in the Him. He is the true vine.